Tuesday, November 30, 2010

timetable ....

Tu 11/30/10:
Thought I might share when I'll be going to do my classes....
I begin the 5-ish week class Mon Jan 17th 2011.
The classes take 5 weeks, then I have to take the exam with an FAA person, thus the "-ish".
I'll be heading out to Denver CO the 1st week of January.
I'll be driving my car since I need one all the time I'm out there.
I have a contract position to do for a week while I'm there (more about that as it happens).
I'm fortunate that 2 of my children and their spouses live in there ... my son in Denver and my daughter in Ft Collins. I'm blessed that I'll have family nearby thruout. My son and daughter-in-law have given me the green light to stay with them ! Thank you !!
I've gotten some emails from persons who have taken this course with Jeppesen and at other schools ... they all tell me its hard and they all have been very kind in telling me I'll do well.

Its been about 5000 years since I've been to school, so I've already begun my brain warmup. I've watched a borrowed Jeppesen training video on Approach, Enroute, Departure and Arrival charts for the 1st time and plan on watching it ~ 500 times. I've also started reading the Weight and Balance section of "The Pilots Encyclopedia of Aeronautical Knowledge" (TPEoAK).

Going well so far !!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/10 ... money paid

Today became the day I entered the arena to achieve my Flight Dispatchers rating ... I paid $!!!
I have been working in corporate aviation for near 26 years, starting out in dispatch, winding up in Charter Sales. My desire is to get back to the Flight Ops office. I've noticed more and more companies are asking for the dispatcher rating to be considered. I've chose to go to the Jeppesen Academy in KAPA (Englewood CO, near Denver CO USA).
My study guides etc are now in the mail.
In the meantime, I'm studying the FAR/AIM and the Pilots Encyclopedia of Aeronautical Knowledge.
I'm pretty nervous. !!!