Thursday, November 10, 2011

OASA Sharana Afghanistan

10 November 2011

A few days before I was scheduled to return home after completing my "1st rotation" as a Flight Operation Coordinator (FOC) for AAR Airlift, I was asked if I would consider extending for an additional 2 weeks in Afghanistan to assist a fellow FOC in Sharana.

My 1st rotation kept me at Bagram Airbase, home of AAR's "fixed wing" fleet (airplanes). The base in Sharana (ICAO = OASA) is one of several helicopter bases in the country.

With permission from Linda (thank you my love) I accepted the opportunity.

AAR has several S61 helicopters based across the country, further supplying our troops here with needed transportation of personnel and supplies.

The Sharana base, though almost the same size as Bagram, is in development and is more "rustic" (=muddy).
The housing is comfortable, food good (read "free" & "I don't have to prepare it or clean any dishes"), working conditions tight, but alright.

I had the opportunity to be near the perimeter of the base, so here I am at "the wire"
(yes, there are MANY guards nearby)

I go home in ~ 10 days.... Thanksgiving at my brother Pat's home in VA....
a week later, Linda and I will get married in the Catholic Church.
As I mentioned in my bio here, I'm a blessed man !!!

Later, gators



  1. Good Stuff!

    If I was in your shoes, I would request to have extra food at Thanksgiving... :)

  2. Hey Dan, Great reading about your escapades. Glad you will be home for Thanksgiving. God bless and safe travels my friend. :-)

  3. Oops, forgot to sign my name :-D
    It's me Mary Brandow from payroll.