Friday, February 18, 2011

one FAA test done, one to go ....

Today I passed my FAA Written test for the Flight Dispatchers rating!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!
What an event that was. In order to take the test, you have to go to an FAA Examiner’s office where you can bring nothing except your flight calculator and your ID. You get 80 questions/situations & 3 hours to finish. The test covered everything we’ve studied in the past 5 weeks. Weight and Balance calcs, flight planning, stars, sids, transitions, little flags with x’s and r’s thruout, fuel burns, things that (thankfully) computer systems do for Flight Departments now. Regulations are well covered and tested. That was a lot … I think my brain is doing a somersault right now.
Monday, the last week begins. Now we take all of this theoretical knowledge and plan the flight from here to there on our Jeppesen Airlines B737-800’s. A week from this Sunday I have my 4 hour live test with an FAA Examiner. I’m a bit more relaxed about that one then the test today. It certainly should be difficult, make no mistake about that.
Well, I’ve given myself a night off.
Monday will come too soon !!
I’m enjoying my time at Jeppesen.

...Oh, and I decided to reward myself .... Tomorrow I'm visiting Denver's "Wings Over the Rockies" Museum.


  1. That is excellent ! Have fun at the museum. One thing that really caught my eye there is that they are the only place aside from the SAC place in Nebreaska to view a B-1 Lancer. My dad worked on that aircraft in production at Rockwell in Columbus, OH. He was a lead on the engine nacelles and then was supervisor over the FIF (Forward Intermediate Fuselage) section where the swing wings attach. Would be cool to get to see one up close. Its an amazing machine.