Friday, September 9, 2011

H-O-T !!!!!

Friday 9/9/2011  2015 AFT (1145am East Coast time)

Greetings from Afghanistan.
Man, its hot here !!! and dry !!!  and dusty !!!!!!

Things are going well here for me.
I'm starting to settle into my job .... there are 3 shifts, each 10 hours with a 2 hr break midday.
We work 6 days a week.
There are some very interesting tasks that need to be completed .... the AAR Flight Ops office is a tight facility with alot of traffic and activity. These folks are a tight community and they go out of their way to intro themselves and ask about you. I know I'm going to enjoy working here. There are some pretty bright people here who really know their stuff.

I'm assigned to a "hooch", a large tent like structure with rooms built into it, air conditioned. The rooms are about 8x8. I'm not yet assigned my permanent room yet but will be within a few weeks.
I've been a tad sick since I got here .... the dust and the dryness tend to dry up your nasal passages and give you congestion like an upper respiratory infection. The solution is to nose-inhale saline a few times a day and drink alot and alot of water. I'm feeling alot better.

Life on the base is interesting. Of course, its loaded with soldiers, all carrying guns. There are big trucks everywhere. All places are off of a central street called Disney, named after the designer of the roadways here. The food is good. I've found the gym, and I'll start heading there once I can 100% breathe. I found the movie theater, free movies 24/7 with free popcorn!! I've found the chapel but not Catholic services. I've emailed the Archdiocese of the Military and asked them for info. Its and interesting, hot and very dusty place. I've taken to wearing a surgical mask walking around and its amazing how quickly it gets dirty.... dirt that would've gone down the ol' trachea.

I cant take pictures really in the event of compromising the "inside the wire" information. I think I've taken about 20 security courses since I began with AAR and they really drill into you the whole idea of "loose lips sink ships".

I'm based in Bagram, one of several bases in the country. It is a 34.9* N latitude, about the same as NC.
We are surrounded by mountains on the north and south.

The jet traffic is ever present .... they go all day and all night. My hooch is within 100 feet of the flight line, so I can hear the activity.

I hope everyone is well.
Later !!!


  1. sounds like you are doing ok! so glad! What an experience!

  2. Well sounds like you got the OPSEC brief (no pictures). I am glad you are finding your way around. Are those 511 boots the high one or the low tops?

  3. Hey 2ec2faa8-3c52-11e0-b2ca-000bcdcb5194 .... who are you ???

    The 511's are ~ 10 inches high ... super comfy !
    Right ... No pictures !