Friday, September 23, 2011

Pogs !!!!!

Fri 9/23/11
Today when I was at the PX buying something, I went thru the checkout and realized that I have completely bought into a weirdity of everyday life here at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan ...although transactions happen in USA $'s, there are no coins.
Instead, we use cardboard pogs. Pogs of all different values, but cardboard none the less.

I went onto Wikipedia, that absolute source of all that is known, to look up Pogs. I remember my daughter Danalisa used to play and collect pogs growing up. sure enuf, Wiki tells how indeed pogs are used on military establishments as real coins weigh alot and to ship them would be expensive. The pogs claim to be "gift certificates" rather than currency .... I think I'll try to collect them all and give them to Danalisa !!

I had the day off today. I went an got a haircut ("#1 all around please") so i'm handsome once again. There's a shuttle bus that runs around the base, so I went on an explore to the east side of the base. I ate at a different DEFAC (dining facility) for lunch. Had a nice walk, read . I had the chance to go to Mass @ 1130. The priest officer here is an Air force officer. I enjoy his homilies.

There was a good wind today, kicking up alot of dust. Hopefully, that'll mean good visibility tomorrow, and I'll be able to snap some pictures of the nearby Hindu Kush mountain range.

I hope everyone is well.
Take good care of you.


  1. Love the idea of pogs! Wish we could do that here. And yes, very handsome indeed. XO