Monday, January 24, 2011

coming together....

Today is Day 1 of Week 2 on my quest to get my Flight Dispatcher rating at the Jeppesen Academy in Denver.
We start off our Dispatch class day going thru a simulated flight set-up and the Federal Regs Part 121 associated with the actions taken .. .what do the regs spell out what is reqd on a Dispatch release ... who is responsable for operational control.... do we need a departure alt if the wx is such and such, do we need destination alts...what reg calls for that .. where do we find the required minimum landing criteria at our destination?  .... what about wet runways .... what about if an engine goes inop on a 2 engine B737? on a 4 engine 747? How do our Ops Specs fit into all of this ?  Do I need a 2nd alt?
Today we spend our day continuing a discussion on text weather products like Pireps, UUA's, Operations in known icing, Area forcasts, TWEBS. We discussed in-flight advisories: Convective Sigmets, Sigmets, Airmets, Center Wx Advisories etc. we went onto graphic weather products... Wx Depiction Charts, Sfc Analysis, US Low Level Sig Wx Prog charts, winds and temps aloft. We then learned how to interpolate winds at levels not reported on......

I have to tell you though, I'm enjoying every minute of it.
Once I get back to my room, I do about 3 hours of study, rewrites, homework, reading ahead ....
It's Monday, and I'm already thinking about how I'll be able to sleep in on Saturday...
Of course, like last Saturday, I'll spend the afternoon and early evening studying.
Sunday is a day of (mostly) rest, at least for now.
... but I'm DEFINATELY off SuperBowl Sunday night .... Go Steelers.

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