Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stars and Teardrops....

We're wrapping up the ATC, Airspace and Airport section of the training, test tomorrow.

There are 2 distinct study methods to go by in this course ... "Student Notes" is a binder of notes, a text if you will, of the course provided by Jeppesen. We write our own notes along side whats there ... its a great reference. The "Gleim ATP FAA Knowledge" book is the test-for-the-test book. The Gleim comes with software so I can constantly test myself, chapter by chapter. 

We had a test on Tuesday ... I got an 86. I had studied too much on the "student notes" side of the house, less Gleim. Lesson learned !!

If you're going to take the Flight Dispatcher (ADX) course, get the Gleim and begin studying. The Student notes are important too and will prove invaluable for the Oral & Practical test at the end.

I've gained a great appreciation for the AMOUNT of knowledge a pilot needs to know. Aside from all of this, s/he has to fly the acft too !!!

This class is alot of study. I'm averaging 3-4 hours a night. I'm really enjoying the experience and I'm glad I'm here.

BTW ... Stars are Standard Terminal Arrival Routes and teardrops are an entry proceedure into a holding pattern.

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