Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1: Monday Jan 17, 2011

Monday January 17th 2011
Well, today was Day 1 of classes at the Jeppesen Academy at Denver’s Centennial Airport for me as I go after my FAA Flight Dispatchers rating (ADX). There are 16 persons in my class, all contributing quite a mixed bag of resumes. Some people fresh out of college, adding to their Aviation Management degrees to VIP’s with United to a retired Air force guy. We’ll have 2 instructors for the class, each teaching in their specialties. All toll, the class is near 6 weeks long. I’ll be done at the end of February.
Day 1 involved a lot of housekeeping details: making sure we had the right books and study aids, a tour of the facility and class introductions. The afternoon started off defining the role of a Flight Dispatcher (FAR 121.463) in the Flight Department and an interesting discussion of the various functions performed. We then started into the Meteorology section of study; the make-up of the atmosphere, temperature, density, pressure, the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) and other related subjects. The Gleim ATP Test Guide and the Gleim Aviation Weather and Weather Service are the principle texts for the class. I have a few hours of homework ahead of me …rewriting my notes, creating flashcards, reviewing tomorrow’s subject.
It was a good day.

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